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From the Grill

From the Grill

Reuben/ Rachel

Corned beef (Reuben) or Turkey (Rachel) with Swiss cheese, Thumann’s sauerkraut and Russian dressing.


Merch Burger

On a toasted bun, 1/3 lb. of 100% beef patty with your choice of cheese, toppings, and condiments.


Hot Pastrami

Pastrami with Swiss cheese, deli mustard and your choice of toppings, and deli-style condiments.


Merchants Philly Cheesesteak

Premium Thumann’s ribeye topped with peppers, onions, mayo, and your choice of cheese.


Hand Pulled Pork Bar-B-Q

Enjoy our Hursey's pit-cooked, 1/3 lb. Bar-B-Q, hand-pulled sandwich, topped with Thumann's cole slaw, drizzled with sauce, and accented with red onions.


Italian Sausage

Thumann’s premium sausage (regular or spicy) on a toasted bun with peppers, onions, and your choice of condiments.


Gourmet Griller

Toasted split-top bun, Thumann’s 100% beef frankfurter with your choice of beef chili, Thumann’s coleslaw, ketchup, mustard, and onions.


Merchants Cuban

Deluxe ham, premium roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mayo & mustard, and pickles, on a toasted ciabatta roll.


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